Woman Said She Saw Heaven and God as a Little Girl, Now She Earns by Selling Paintings of Her Visions

Grounded yet visionary are words to describe an enigma who grew up seeing an invisible universe. Her creator appeared to already work through her as a toddler, manifesting some of the most historically astounding pieces.

When she was only 4 years old, Akiane Kramarik, now 27 years old, allegedly began to see visions, which eventually led her to become a child prodigy. She now earns money from selling the artworks produced by these purported apparitions.

Initially, the artist’s said visions did not appear to have any religious or spiritual connotations. She eventually began talking to God, and since then has been reflecting her claimed apparitions onto canvas.

Akiane Kramarik as a young girl, with her famous religious paintings. │ Source: instagram.com/akianeart facebook.com/PerchieTiendas

Akiane Kramarik as a young girl, with her famous religious paintings. │ Source: instagram.com/akianeart facebook.com/PerchieTiendas

In the early 2000s, someone stole the artwork that originally made her famous called “The Prince of Peace,” which she painted at 8 years old. It eventually reappeared although it had been damaged.

The painting then faced an even more arduous journey, being sold mistakenly and then vanishing. In 2019, it was finally shown to the public again and instantly purchased for $850,000, with thousands of copies being sold globally.

This angelic lady is not a one-hit-wonder. She has produced many renowned works such as “Enlightenment,” “The Dreamer,” and “Jesus,” to name a vast few.

When talking about keeping herself focused and on her path, Kramarik mentions her family and her connection to God. Her inspiration, the child prodigy, expresses:

“Has been and still is life itself. Visible and invisible life. Busy and serene life.”

Beyond her art, the creative also exclaims that God is a part of every action she takes in this lifetime. Kramarik believes that this holy power and life itself are inseparable.

With 300 paintings under her name, this talented woman is making a massive impact in the world of art, but she believes her creative purpose stems far beyond that. The 27-year-old states:

“If I have been gifted by God, and I have been, it is for one reason only, to help others.”

When she is not attempting to change the world, Kramarik lives a simple life, far from what many would associate with visionary trances. She cooks, helps her relatives on the farm, and rides her bicycle in her spare time.

This woman is just one of the many brilliant artists out there. Although quite different in subject matter and approach, Turkish artist Ertan Atay has also gone viral for his innovative works.

This creator manages to bring the modern and vintage together. He does so by fusing famous paintings by historical artists with elements of pop culture, for example, mashing up Frida Kahlo with “The Girl with the Pearl Earring.”

Taking on more greats, Atay has sourced from eminent works belonging to painters such as Edvard Munch, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Van Gogh. Perhaps he and Kramarik will go down in history with these ever-living creatives.

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