Woman says people need to own house and be married by age 30 – and Twitter roasted her

A woman has taken to Twitter with a questionable list that outlines what people should have achieved by the age of 30.

The five very specific “life goals” were to: be married; own a house – despite the national average age of first-time buyers hitting an all-time high; be in the best physical shape – completely dismissing that health doesn’t equate to body shape; know if you want to have children and be able to cook a steak to perfection – despite veganism in the US rising by 600 per cent in three years.

While it’s unclear whether the tweet was a satirical take on a superiority complex or whether the woman was actually being serious, social media slammed the list as “judgemental” and overall, “today’s worst Twitter account.”

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One user hit back at the Twitter user and said: “By age 30 you should: Stop telling people how to live their lives.”

“The only reason you’ve made this list is because you probably have already accomplished the things you’ve listed,” another added. “It’s typical, when you’re comfortable after achieving the things YOU want, you think it’s okay to tell other people want they want from life.”

Another user highlighted that they had “spent the last 18 months taking care of COVID patients in a global pandemic.”

“I’m not married, don’t own a house, and am not in the best physical shape of my life,” they said. “I am a physician and active duty military officer who has spent the last 18 months taking care of COVID patients in a global pandemic. Stop telling other people how to live their lives.”

“Be Married & own a house! It’s 2021 not 1954 lol people getting married in their 40s and 50s now and no one is affording that’s single income household”, another highlighted.


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