Woman sends email to ex from hospital claiming she’s pregnant to get him back

A woman’s attempt to get her boyfriend back has gone viral after she sent a badly-worded email to him pretending to be the hospital.

A screenshot of the communication, pretending to be from Pindersfield Hospital’s pregnancy ward, was posted on Reddit.

And, over 33,000 social media users liked the snap with another 1,400 commenting on the bizarre attempt to snag back her man.

The email was originally sent in 2019, but was circulated online yesterday where thousands of people expressed shock at the badly concocted scam.

The photo was posted online by the user Rootel who captioned it: “Girl pretends to be a hospital to get her man back.”

In the email, the woman wrote: “Hello, we tried to contact you earlier in regards to [name redacted] and your baby we believe she may be four to five weeks pregnant and will confirm later on next week.

“But, we would like to inform yourself as the father that the baby is having difficulty with its heart right now due to the baby being stressed and the mother being stressed.”

The email contained a number of spelling errors

It continued: “And I know this is not policy procedure but I would advice [sic] for the baby sake that you and the baby’s mother talk it through and put your differences aside and get back together.

“As lately most of baby’s die due to stress knowing there parents are not together anymore [sic].

“Yours sincerely, the pregnancy ward at pinderfields hospital [sic]”

In the comments section, people were howling at the bad attempt to trick her ex.

One person wrote: “This is the weirdest combination of low effort and high effort, it’s throwing me through a loop.”

The email was sent from a false email address
The email was sent from a false email address

“My favorite part is that the hospital believes that she MIGHT be pregnant and will confirm it later the next week, but also that the baby is definitely in distress and might die,” added another.

While a third noted: “My favorite part is where the baby’s heart is in distress when there’s not even a fetal heartbeat at four weeks.’

“Yeah she made what is the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever seen,” laughed a poster while another said; “You’d think a pregnancy ward would be able to spell ‘babies’ and also ‘pregnancy.’”

Well, at least we’re pretty sure that the bloke wasn’t fooled by the message…

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