Woman sends headshot to work for ID card and is horrified by what comes back

Taking an ID picture for a passport or driver’s licence is never a fun experience.

Most of us have to settle with an unflattering picture of ourselves – and this woman was no exception to this rule.

Lynn Hannon took to Twitter to share her unfortunate work ID photo, which left Twitter users in stitches.

Posting under the username @hunkylovr, Lynn shared a picture of the photo she sent in for her ID.

However, when Lynn received the work ID back she was left questioning the likeness of her original picture.

She captioned the post: “Sent this photo to my new job for my ID card and this is what I get back, I am beyond disgusted.”

Many couldn’t resist laughing at Lynn’s awkward snap
(Image: hunkylovr/Twitter)

For some reason, her new place of employment stretched the photo to give Lynn a rather large forehead.

The awkward snap has now racked up 80,000 likes with many relating to Lynn’s ID blunder.

One person commented: “That’s pretty much like my ID tags at work!

“I feel her pain! Because on mine someone gave me a right big fat head swear they do it on purpose thinking they are funny.”

Another person added: “I remember having a truly awful ID pic, told HR I had lost it and they told me off, I had another taken which was 10 times worse.”

Many people found humour in Lynn’s awkward viral snap and others questioned why her workplace expanded her head in the first place.

One person said: “Unacceptable. Find who did this & use your mega mind powers on them.”

Another commented: “I would refuse to use it and ask them to get someone competent to do a proper one. This would never pass as a good likeness!”

And a third asked: “Why did they do that to your forehead?”

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