Woman shares £2.50 hack which means she never has to scoop soggy food out of her sink again

WE are all aware of how gross it is when you have to scoop out soggy food from the bottom of the sink.

If it doesn’t send shivers down your spine, then, well…we have no words.


The £2.50 tool catches food so you will never need to scoop it out of the sink againCredit: @saaamariaa/Tiktok

But fear not, one woman has shared her bargain find which means she will never need to pick out leftover food from her sink ever again.

The woman revealed her cheap find in a video she posted to TikTok, on her account ‘saaamariaa’.

The video is captioned: “It’s so nasty having to dig up in the sink. With this I don’t even have to worry about all that.

She said: “No more touching nasty wet soggy sink food.”

The video shows off the bargain find, with the woman demonstrating how to use it.

It’s super simple.

The woman is seen peeling off the sticky tape and sticking the tool down on the edge of her sink.

The tool then has a net that you attach on.

Then when doing your washing up, before you put your plates and pans in the sink, pour any leftover food into the net where it will be caught.

You can then simply remove the net and throw the food away.

No more having to put your hand into the sink to scoop it all up!


Clearly many people are impressed by the woman’s find as the video has racked up 3.3 million views

The video has almost 430,000 likes and 1,575 people have commented.

It has been shared 7,354 times.

One person said: “TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET THIS.”

Another added: “Omg I need, we don’t have a garage disposal and this would save my life lol.”

A third commented: “Okay where did you get this I need one!”

The woman revealed in the comments that she purchased the tool for Shein.

It is called a kitchen sink filter mesh and is only £2.50.

So, if you’ve got a spare £2.50 in your bank, this tool could be worth investing in.

Your life is about to change…

Simply pour any leftover bits into the net


Simply pour any leftover bits into the netCredit: @saaamariaa/Tiktok

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