Woman shares before and after photos to show reality of perfect Instagram images

Swimwear designer and influencer Karina Irby showed how you can fake the perfect snap using editing apps – and her followers were stunned by her dramatic transformation

Karina shared images to share the truth behind ‘perfect’ images


A woman has shared before and after photos to show the reality of ‘perfect’ Instagram photos – and her followers were blown away by the transformation.

Karina Irby, 32, is a swimwear designer and social media influencer, and she wanted to let people know the truth behind picture perfect snaps.

She shared a series of images, with one being the finished, touched-up version, and the other a more candid ‘normal’ shot, as the Daily Star reports.

The images are worlds apart and many of her Instagram followers were shocked by the transformation between the two, with one then questioning how much this technique is used on social media.

Karina said these two images came from the exact same photo

In the first image, Karina frowns slightly as she snaps a picture but in the retouched version of the same photo she has added a pearly white smile.

She’s also slimmed her face, emphasised her cheekbones, smoothed her skin, intensified her eyes and darkened her eyebrows.

Karina captioned the side-by-side photos: “Just seeing how far a face editing app can get me.

“How do these kinds of apps make you feel?”

The post garnered more than 17,300 likes – and many couldn’t believe how extreme editing can be.

Karina’s fans were shocked by the transformation


One asked: “So… this isn’t two different pictures?”

And the influencer clarified: “Same photo.”

Other commenters praised Karina for sparking a conversation about photo editing.

One said: “I’m all for a blur of a volcanic pimple here or there but changing shapes makes me sad.

“I’ve seen this a lot in people editing their kids photos. It makes me sad.”

Another wrote: “Woah…makes you wonder how much is actually real on social media.”

A third remarked: “Wow it’s insane how much can be changed and how real it looks.”

And a fourth added: “I love how authentic you are!”

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