Woman shares creepy story of why you shouldn’t open your hotel room at night

When was the last time you heard a good ghost story? Well, brace yourself, because this one has already horrified hundreds of thousands of TikTok users.

It’s told by flight attendant Dani (@danidboyy1), who normally uses the platform to reveal the ins and outs of cabin crew life. But in one of her latest videos she told a tale that left her “struggling to sleep for days”.

The story starts with her warning viewers: “This is why you should NEVER open your hotel door if you hear a noise outside.”

It is not an account of her own experiences, however, but was allegedly told to her by a fellow airline worker. “As cabin crew we obviously travel a lot, stay in a lot of different hotels, and have a lot of really weird stories,” she explains.

“This story was told to me and, to be honest, it really, really creeped me out.”

Dani told the tale to her 266,100 TikTok followers


She begins: “This person had landed from a really busy flight, was very tired and just wanted to go straight to sleep. When she got into bed, she was struggling to sleep because she could hear children laughing and children playing outside her room. This went on for about half an hour.”

Eventually, Dani says, the woman got frustrated and called reception to let them know that the disturbance was preventing her from getting some much-needed shut-eye.

“The hotel reception then informed her that the room was solely for crew, there [were] no other members of the public, children or people staying on that floor,” she continues.

“She said ‘OK’ and obviously tried to go back to sleep, but the running up and down and laughing from outside continued, so she decided she’d get out of bed and go and go and look outside to see what all the noise was about.”

Dani said hotel staff kept dismissing the woman’s complaints


The woman then apparently opened her door, had a quick look outside and saw that there was nobody there. So she closed it, got back into bed and tried, yet again, to sleep.

However, the same noises of playing and laughing resumed, so she phoned reception for a second time. Staff reiterated that there were no children around but apologised for the noise, Dani says.

“By this point she was obviously really frustrated because she just wanted to sleep, so she decided to get dressed, go down and speak to reception personally,” she continues.

“The hotel staff didn’t seem to believe her when she said she could hear someone outside her room, so she requested to watch back the CCTV footage. This is where the story gets creepy.

“She then watched herself open the door, let a little boy walk into the room, before closing the door again.”

Just retelling the story left her visibly freaked out


Dani’s “story time” clip racked up more than 5.3 million views and 450,900 likes in two weeks as fellow TikTokers revelled in the unsettling anecdote.

“Why do I only see the spooky stories at night when I’m alone?” one asked.

“While I was watching this I heard a cat meowing outside my room… we don’t have a cat,” commented another.

Meanwhile, some picked holes in the tale, with one asking: “If the boy went into her room why were there still noises outside?”

“Good question,” Dani responded. “Maybe he had a friend.”

All we know is, our door will remain firmly closed to everything but room service next time we stay in a hotel…

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