Woman shares easy sticky-tape hack which stops your feet hurting in high heels

THE PAST year or so may have made some of us forget what it is like to dress up again and wear heels.

Being in our PJ’s and fluffy socks all day was great, but as the world reopens, sadly we must also venture from our comfy hide-aways.


The simple hack is great if you finding wearing high heels painfulCredit: Instagram

Thankfully, for those of us who haven’t dressed up or worn high heels all year one woman has shared how to make wearing them less painful.

Michelle, who lives in San Diego, California shared the hack to her Instagram page, forthosewhoasked_.

The video has already been viewed over 250k times, which isn’t surprising considering how many of us are going OUT-out now and how painful walking in high heels can be.

Like the rest of us, Michelle writes: “I haven’t worn heels in about 19 months. To be totally honest, I’ve mostly worn leggings and sweats and sneakers.”

She said she had a wedding to attend and that it was time to bust out the dancing shoes.

Michelle continues: “I tried this years ago and vaguely remembered that it helped and so began my experiment!

“All bridesmaids were on board with me!

“So there we were, taping our toes together and everyone agreed it definitely helped with pain on the balls of the feet, particularly when standing in one spot!

“I can honestly say I will do this every time I wear heels or boots with heels!”

For the hack to work you only need some sticky tape.

She says the simple hack consists of wrapping your third and fourth toes together when wearing heels as it helps to stop the balls of your feet getting sore when standing all day.

One user wrote: “Ok, fun fact, my brother-in-law is a podiatrist and I just asked about this. He says this is legit and gave me a whole run down on why. I gave him grief why he never told me about this one!”

Another user responded: “again! It’s been a while since I’ve had an occasion to wear heels but I definitely need to try this the next time!”

A third person commented: “I hate wearing heels! Next time I have to wear them I’m definitely trying this.”

Simply wrap your third and fourth toes in sticky tape


Simply wrap your third and fourth toes in sticky tapeCredit: Instagram

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