Woman shares easy way she does her eyebrows using TAPE and it stops them being wonky

WE HAVE all heard the saying, eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

But for many of us our brows may appear more like distant cousins, thankfully, one TikTok user has shared how to actually get them to match up as close as possible.


You can use masking tape or cosmetic tapeCredit: Tik Tok
She uses the tape as an outline to trim any long hairs


She uses the tape as an outline to trim any long hairsCredit: Tik Tok

TikTok user odalydecena, shared the video and received over 6 million views and over 500k likes.

The beauty and makeup enthusiast shares stunning makeup looks she has created as well as handy hacks and tools you can incorporate into your beauty regime.

Odaly, who is believed to live in California, posted the video after seeing ‘tape brows’ grow in popularity on TikTok.

In Odaly’s video she takes you through the process step by step so that you can give it a go at home as well.

To complete the hack you only need three things; your tweezer, eyebrow scissors and masking tape.

It’s best to use a thin masking tape or cosmetic tape as it gives a clear outline for your brows and is less likely to pull any hairs out of your brow.

To begin, Odaly cuts the masking tape and sticks it on her hand a couple of times to get rid of some of the stickiness.

She then sticks it to the front of her brow, following up to the arch so the front two thirds of her eyebrow are covered by the tape.

This gives her a clear line so any longer hairs that stick out past the tape can be trimmed and she also uses it as a stencil to pluck any hairs that are not covered by the tape.

Once the first section has been tidied up, she removes the tape and sticks it on to the tail of her brow, following up to the arch.

Again Odaly, trims any hairs that are sticking out from under the tape and plucks any stray hairs from the top of her brow.

She removes the tape and this time places it above the brow bone to use as a stencil whilst she plucks the bottom part of her eyebrow.

The results speak for themselves and although most users loved the hack, some were too scared to try it.

One person replied: “It’s been this simple the whole time?”

Another responded: “I’d mess this up somehow.”

A third person commented”If I do this I would butcher my brows.”

Another user wrote: “This is genius!”

She uses the tape as a stencil to pluck any stray hairs


She uses the tape as a stencil to pluck any stray hairsCredit: Tik Tok
Odaly's brows look much tidier and even after using the trending hack


Odaly’s brows look much tidier and even after using the trending hackCredit: Tik Tok

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