Woman shares ‘game-changing’ laundry tip which gets clothes smelling fresh for longer with NO effort

ONE WOMAN has gone online to show an easy and super pocket-friendly hack for replacing dryer sheets.

Using a sponge, Laura Jackson hails the trick as a “gamechanger” to make your laundry smell amazing.


Woman shares how she uses basic household items to create dryer sheetsCredit: Laura Jackson

Posting on the popular Mrs Hinch cleaning tips and tricks Facebook page, the woman shows how she uses a sponge soaked in fabric softener instead of a dryer sheet to make her clothes smell amazing.

Combined with a picture of two standard sponges soaking in a plastic container, the woman explains how to use this new dryer sheet replacement.

“Game changer! Learnt this tip. Airtight container half water, half fabric conditioner, cut up sponges (not scourer pads) squeeze a Lil liquid out and pop in tumble dryer instead of dryer sheets!” she said.

“Smells so much better (always found sheets never gave off much smell) and when it’s done put sponge back in liquid till next time!” added the woman.

The post which has over 2.4 K likes, was met with almost 400 comments, with many delighted to learn this savvy new hack.

“My hubby can’t tolerate anything other than Persil non-bio and comfort pure so there are no tumble dryer sheets for me. Game-changer with the sponges tho, thanks to whoever thought of this” commented one person.

“Just bought sponges to try this,” said another.

Some group members were hesitant, however, and questioned if the idea was going to cause more harm than good.

One person commented: “Does the comfort not stain the clothes in the drier ?… I know when u put it straight in the drum of the washer it stains so just genuinely curious.”

“Seems like these could stain your clothing if they are not completely squeezed dry. Has anyone tried this? ” another said

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The woman's tip promises to make your clothes and sheets smell fresh for longer


The woman’s tip promises to make your clothes and sheets smell fresh for longerCredit: Getty
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