Woman Shares Horrifically Sexist Experience After Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery


Women around the world have been sharing their most sexist encounters with men, and while there are countless disheartening stories, one horrific tale in particular has left people utterly horrified.

The incident in question was recounted by Cam (@delenda_est), a 24-year-old living in Paris who shared with her TikTok followers her experience of trying to get breast reduction surgery in Lebanon when she was 19.

Cam explains her shocking surgery experience (@delenda_est/TikTok)@delenda_est/TikTok

As Cam explains, she’d initially sought out a doctor to perform a breast reduction surgery to reduce her size from a ‘K cup’ to a ‘C or D cup’, but when she came round from the operation, she realised her surgeon had performed a far smaller reduction than she’d wanted, leaving her with a ‘F cup’.

When she asked her doctor why he’d failed to perform the surgery as she’d asked him to, he gave a response that would be unacceptable for any man to give, let alone one who you’ve just given control over your health and body.

‘He told me that he did not reduce it as much as me, the person who went for the surgery, asked him to, so that [my breasts] could ‘fit in the hands of an honest man’,’ she said. ‘He literally told me that – the hands of an honest man.’

Cam’s experience has shocked viewers, with several commenting to express their disbelief. ‘This makes me furious,’ one person wrote, while another asked, ‘Isn’t this illegal?’

Even more disturbingly, several other viewers wrote to say similar experiences had happened to themselves or other women, with one posting, ‘This is so upsetting, what’s even worse is that I knew what you were gonna say because I’ve heard of it happening to other girls as well.’

Cam has since explained in follow up videos that by the time she realised just how wrong her experience had been it was too late for her to sue the doctor under Lebanese malpractice laws, but has urged others who have suffered similar issues to get in touch with a lawyer.


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