Woman shares how she cleans her loo brush without even touching it

GROSSED OUT by having to touch your toilet and loo brush when they need cleaning? We have the answer for you.

Sharing her hygenic hack online. one woman has revealed how you clean your loo, and toilet brush without the dreaded task of putting your hands on either.


The woman does not have to touch her toilet to touch itCredit: tanyahomeinspo/TikTok
The hack has had an amazing response.


The hack has had an amazing response.Credit: tanyahomeinspo/TikTok

Taking to her TikTok channel, the woman who posts under the domain tanyahomeinspo titled her video “Tip you’d wish you known.”

As Tanya squirts a bottle of original fairy liquid around the toilet bowl she says “tips you wish you’d known sooner.”

She then uses a scrubber brush with a long handle to clean around the ally having to touch her loo.

Tanya then flushes the toilet with the brush in it, killing two birds with one stone as the brush is rinsed and the toilet is left gleaming.

In the video, which has a whopping 581k views, people were quick to comment, applauding the useful tip.

“Fairy liquid is literally the answer to everything” commented one person.

Another said: “You could clean a battleship with the green fairy.”

“I clean everything with this because of you” commented another TikTok user.

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Fairy liquid is hailed as a great cleaning product by many TikTok users


Fairy liquid is hailed as a great cleaning product by many TikTok usersCredit: tanyahomeinspo/TikTok


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