Woman shares how to make ‘cheapest alternative to wallpaper’ & it’s super easy

DOING UP your house can be a very expensive journey as most of us know.

From new flooring, wallpapering walls to interior design finishes, once you start adding up the cost of these jobs it can reach to thousands of pounds.


Sarah, an interior stylist, often posts hacks on her InstagramCredit: homegirlcreative/Instagram
She begins by covering outlets in painters tape & secures the fabric in place with thumbtacks


She begins by covering outlets in painters tape & secures the fabric in place with thumbtacksCredit: homegirlcreative/Instagram

Luckily, one woman has revealed how you can save lots of money by ditching wallpaper by using thin fabric as an alternative.

Sarah Nelson, an interior stylist, regularly posts DIY and home interior content on her Instagram page, homegirlcreative.

In the video, Sarah uses sheets of fabric to add colour and vibrancy to her walls.

Sarah shows exactly what you will need to complete the fabric wallpaper and lists the supplies she used.

The items used were; fabric, X-acto knife, pain tray, paint roller, paint brush, painters tape, thumbtacks and liquid starch.

To begin, Sarah covers any plug outlets and light switches with the painters tape.

She then uses the thumbtacks to secure the fabric to the top corner of the wall and tacks the rest of the excess fabric to the wall so it isn’t in the way.

Using the paint roller and tray she then applies liquid starch all over the walls.

Sarah then releases the excess fabric and presses onto the wet well and flattens out any bubbles as she goes.

Once the fabric is secured to the wall she then applies liquid starch to the front of the fabric and ensures it is completely saturated.

Again, Sarah ensures to smooth out any bubbles or creases that may appear.

She then uses the paint brush to paint the liquid starch on the corners and edges of the fabric.

She says to repeat this to all the fabric panels and to allow it to dry before using your X-acto knife to cut off any edges and to cut around the light circuits and plug sockets.

In a story highlights on her page titled; Fabric Wallpaper, Sarah say it is best to use thin cotton/poplin material, about the thickness of a bed sheet as fabrics that are heavier and will crease and bubble over time.

Users couldn’t get enough of the savvy DIY hack, and saw it as a great alternative for renters who can’t decorate their home as it can easily be removed using water.

Sarah claims she has saved lots of money by using fabric instead of wallpaper to decorate.

One user said: “I love this option!! It looks great!”

Another commented: “This is awesome! I can’t wait to try this in a new house someday!”

A third user replied: “What a brilliant idea.”

Sarah uses liquid starch to seal the fabric in place


Sarah uses liquid starch to seal the fabric in placeCredit: homegirlcreative/Instagram
The final result of her fabric wallpaper


The final result of her fabric wallpaperCredit: homegirlcreative/Instagram

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