Woman shares ‘lipliner hack’ for making mouth look fuller but gets savaged as some say it’s so bad it should be illegal

WE would all love to have luscious lips, but this makeup fan’s lip liner hack proved to be seriously unpopular, with some even saying the look should be “illegal”. 

This makeup user overlined her lips to make her mouth look fuller, but she overlined them to such an extreme that people can’t believe their eyes.


Mary captioned the video: ‘No lip filler needed.’Credit: TikTok/@marysherb
Many said Mary should embrace her natural features


Many said Mary should embrace her natural featuresCredit: TikTok/@marysherb

Tiktok user Mary, who calls herself the “CEO of wearable makeup”, shared the trick and captioned it: “No lip filler needed.”

Mary uses a lip liner to draw on lips much larger than her own and then fills in the lines with a vibrant red lipstick. 

While the look may give the impression of larger lips from some angles, people were quick to point out that a side view would reveal just how overlined Mary’s lips were.

“Imagine the side view”, wrote one viewer, while a second said: “Ok now from the side. Let’s see. Go ahead. Turn ur head. Go ahead.”

Other viewers were stunned by Mary’s technique, urging her not to use the hack again.

One outraged viewer wrote: “This should be illegal.”

“You could just embrace your natural features”, advised one commenter, and another said: “This is just sad.”

“So bad sorry”, said one critical commenter, and another pointed out: “It’s all fun and games til u start to sweat, eat, and drink.”

“Literally half the lipstick is on her skin”, wrote another. 

A few viewers, however, thought she was onto something.

“Wow, awesome!”, wrote one positive commenter, while a second said: “I TRIED THIS AND IT WORKS I RECOMMEND.”

One viewer said it was 'just sad' to overline so much


One viewer said it was ‘just sad’ to overline so muchCredit: TikTok/@marysherb

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