Woman shares picture of make-up table but everyone is distracted by painting

A woman proudly shared a picture of her make-up table on a community Facebook group but soon she was inundated with comments from people who all noticed the same thing

The woman proudly shared a picture of her make-up desk, but soon people noticed something (Image: Facebook)

A woman has shared a picture of her make-up table to show off her wares but soon everyone noticed one specific detail and it was the butt of all jokes.

Posting an image to Facebook, the woman wanted to share her set-up – complete with fresh makeup products and a piece of artwork.

But soon everyone focussed on the framed print, as although she thought it was innocent, others thought it was quite rude.

People soon realised that the painting was of a woman’s bottom, leg, and hands, and soon a range of funny comments came flooding in.


People focussed on the woman’s artwork and soon it was the butt of all the jokes


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One wrote: “I don’t know where you got the idea butt I love it.”

While another said: “That artwork is explicit.”

A third person added: “I love it but I’d need a much much larger canvas for my butt.”

Others were cuiours about how it was made, and eventually the woman, from Australia, explained.

She said: “Paint your bum and legs first. Get up and do your foot and then your hands.”

Meanwhile, a police mugshot of a wanted man has been widely mocked on social media after people thought the criminal looked like a wide range of people – including Jesus and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

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Some people thought he looked like Merv from Home Alone, and other’s thought he looked like our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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