Woman shares rude meanings of popular names in Cantonese – and it’s bad news for Rosie

A Cantonese and Mandarin tutor has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a number of Cantonese translations for popular names – including Rosie, Jessie, David and Ryan

Dr Lin has been translating names on TikTok

Have you ever wondered what your name means in another language?

Well, it seems if you’ve got a rather popular name it’s likely it’s not as nice as you might have hoped when translated in Cantonese.

And it’s especially bad news if you have a name that ends in -sie or -sy, like Jessie, Rosie, Daisy or Maisie.

This is according to Dr Candise Lin, a Mandarin and Cantonese culture and language expert, who has been sharing what certain names really mean in Cantonese on TikTok.

Her videos have garnered thousands of views online and left many people cracking up, as reports The Daily Star.

Well, this is unfortunate



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In one of her clips, Dr Lin explains that the name ending -sie/-sy would mean ‘s**t’ in Cantonese, meaning many people might have ‘poo’ names.

For instance, she shares that Jessie would mean ‘bird s**t’, while Maisie would be ‘beautiful s**t’ and Rosie is ‘old s**t’.

Similarly, she claims Issy would be ‘ear s**t’, Josie would be ‘morning s**t’ and Sissy is ‘double s**t’.

Another clip features “names you wouldn’t give your kid if you speak Cantonese” and features David, Robert, Ryan and Susan.

Dr Lin goes on to explain that David translates as ‘huge appetite’, Susan would mean ‘god of bad luck’, Robert is ‘carrot’ and Ryan essentially is a ‘bad guy’.

A lot of people liked and commented on the videos, admitting they found them “hysterical”.

One person replied: “I am dying.”

Another said: “This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.”

A third wrote: “Lovely.”

Someone else added: “I never wanna know what my name means.”

A different user proclaimed: “Seriously?!”

While a sixth posted: “Thoughts and prayers to those who have just found out they may have ‘s**t’ in Cantonese tattooed on them.”

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