Woman shares selfie in a pretty white dress she’s trying to sell… but that’s not what’s got everyone talking

WHETHER you’ve had second thoughts about that new dress or just fancy clearing out your wardrobe, Depop is a great way to make some extra cash.

But unlike the professional and polished photos you see when shopping on sites like ASOS, our cameraphone pics can be a little rough and ready.


Can YOU spot what’s got people talking?Credit: @depopdrama/Twitter

Well if you’re ever cringed over your blurry and poorly-lit modelling shots, then spare a thought for this poor Depop user.

Earlier this week, the anonymous woman posted a photo of herself wearing the pretty white sundress she was trying to sell.

Showing off the back of the broderie anglaise frock, the seller pulled her long blonde hair to the side and looked over her shoulder.

However, it wasn’t long before the photos ended up being shared on the Depop Drama Twitter account.


So can YOU spot what’s got people talking?

Sharing the image with their 73,000 followers, the account wrote: “When you see it…”

At first glance, people mistook the woman’s elbow for her boob – and we have to admit, we can see why they thought that.

“I’m choking,” one replied.

“Her elbow is looking like a pointy boob,” another added.

Meanwhile, a third shocked user wrote: “OMG!!”

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