Woman Shares The Shocking Truth Behind Her New Outlook After Losing154 Pounds

A woman who was mocked on the streets and given death threats for being overweight made it her life’s mission to teach a lesson to her abusers. As a result, she lost over 11 stone and reduced seven dress sizes after quitting fad diets.

Nothing is impossible if we truly believe in making it happen, and this brave woman is a living example of this statement. Hattie Francis from Worthing, West Sussex, England, continues to inspire the world with her incredible weight loss story.

The 30-year-old woman went through a tumultuous time in her life and was insulted whenever she went out on the roads. Even as a schoolgirl, she was bullied by other students, and things only became worse when she reached adulthood.


Hattie’s weight loss journey began shortly after she became tired of strangers mocking her and shouting profanities at her on the roads. Recalling those difficult days, she explained:

“I got death threats and had people slowing down in their cars next to me when I was walking to shout abuse. I got spat at and had my hair pulled.”

The early years’ practitioner also underwent a horrible experience in Brighton, when a group of boys circled her, pushed her, and passed vile comments, telling her to jump off the pier because she was fat.

All the criticism that she faced started impacting her self-confidence, and she reached a point where she was scared to walk alone on the roads. The rude comments forced her to stress eat, which made her gain more weight, thereby worsening the bullying.

Losing her weight has impacted her self-esteem positively, giving her the confidence to face people and go out on the streets with her head high. 

Eventually, she became so anxious that she considered going for weight loss surgery. She had tried everything, from Weight Watchers and Atkins to all kinds of diet that claimed to reduce weight, but nothing guaranteed fruitful results.

Soon afterward, she decided to try the NHS Feeling Good weight management scheme available in West Sussex. After meeting a dietician in November 2019, she was told that she could go for bariatric surgery, but only after shedding a few pounds.

She was given time to go forward with a surgery option until February 2020, and slowly, she decided to take the matter into her own hands. Hattie had lost a stone or two before, and this time around, she aimed at changing her attitude toward food.

Gradually, she began making smart eating choices, consuming foods that were wholesome and would help her shed those extra pounds. She started eating in portions, swapping unhealthy snacks, which had contributed to her obesity in the first place.

She began walking thrice a week and even adopted swimming as a pre-lockdown exercise which she was determined to continue. Hattie had lost almost four stone by February 2020 and went on to hire a personal trainer to keep her exercise goals in check.

She weighed 24 stone 9 lbs in November 2019, and now she’s come down to weighing 13 stone and 2 lbs. Losing her weight has impacted her self-esteem positively, giving her the confidence to face people and go out on the streets with her head high.

Hattie shares pictures of her weight loss journey on her Instagram and has even done podcasts and seminars to motivate people. Through these small efforts, she wants to inspire other people like her to stay focused on achieving their targets.


According to Mayo Clinic, losing weight is easier said than done because too many scams like fad diets and weight loss plans can derail people’s progress rather than aiding it. This is why having an awareness of the matter is highly essential.

It’s important to understand that shedding those extra pounds may not happen overnight. It requires time, motivation, commitment, and energy. If people cannot motivate themselves to take the needed steps, it can help to look for external support.

Setting realistic goals is another critical factor in losing weight. It can help to lay forward small and achievable targets rather than big and difficult ones. Consuming healthy and wholesome foods and incorporating physical activity are also vital elements.

Often, people take all the necessary steps to get in the best shape, but they lack the right perspective and consistent efforts. Losing weight requires a change of lifestyle, which can only happen if people are willing to give up their old habits, just like Hattie.


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