Woman Smokes Inside Flight Cabin, Asked To Deboard Aircraft For Flouting Guidelines; Watch

After breaking the airline’s guidelines, a woman was asked to deboard a Spirit Airlines flight. She was accused of smoking a cigarette inside the cabin.

After going against the guidelines, a woman was asked to deboard a Spirit Airlines flight bound for Florida. In the incident during a flight from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale, the woman was accused of lighting a cigarette and entering the cabin to smoke. The entire incident was filmed by a fellow passenger, who also shared the video on social media.

“The woman just took out the cigarette and started smoking.”

A passenger named Alexa Majdalawi, aged 31 sat behind the woman and narrated what transpired during the journey. Majdalawi, who suffers from asthma, told Fox News that the woman just took out a cigarette and started smoking. The 31-year-old went on to say that when she contacted the flight crew to report about the woman, Majdalawi was told that she could change seats if she wanted.

Two cops can be seen aboard trying to wake up the woman who lit a cigarette inside the plane in the video footage. The officer also inquired about the woman’s bag and searched the overhead compartment.

The woman exited the aircraft along with the officers, but as per reports, she was not detained due to her misconduct. The flight attendants took notice of the stench, and other passengers were quick to point out who was responsible and hand over what was left of the extinguished cigarette, according to a Spirit Airlines official. The crew asked for law enforcement officers to deboard the woman. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the officer asked the woman to get off the plane after airline personnel protested.

A passenger who was duct-taped

In other similar news, an airline passenger was duct-taped to his seat after allegedly punching a male flight attendant and groping female staff members while wandering around the plane without his shirt on. Maxwell Berry of Norwalk, Ohio, was arrested on July 31 after a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami landed, according to WPVI-TV. Berry allegedly had two drinks on the plane and rubbed his empty cup against the backside of a female flight attendant. When a male flight attendant noticed what Berry was doing, he stepped in to investigate. The 22-year-old retaliated by hitting a member of the crew in the face. Passengers rushed in and restrained Berry by duct-taping him to his seat.

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