Woman sparks debate by sharing the parts of your house you should be cleaning DAILY

CLEANING isn’t always the most enjoyable of tasks at the best of times and now a cleaning fanatic has divided the internet after saying some areas should be cleaned daily.

Posting to her TikTok account LizLuxe, Liz revealed that spots of the home that are used or touched every day should be cleaned more regularly.


TikToker LizLuxe said some areas of the home should be cleaned dailyCredit: Tik Tok

Those who are cleaning averse look away now because it may be more areas in the home than you may think.

This includes the bathroom sink and faucet, toilet seat and handle, towels, garbage and dish towels.

It doesn’t end there, as it also includes kitchen countertops, kitchen sink, kitchen floors and dining tables.

“A recent study about bacteria on kitchen towels was presented at this year’s American society for microbiology,” she said.

“Scientist’s explained the presence of several varieties of bacteria that can cause illness.

“They recommend washing them every day.”

In the comment section, she revealed that bath towels should be washed after three uses.

While Liz’s followers often thank her for her cleaning tips and tricks, this time they were divided.

There were a variety of commenters who thought cleaning this often was excessive.

“Ugh who has time for all of this,” one person said, to which Liz replied: “I don’t but I make time.”


“Kitchen floors every day? I agree with everything else. Whether it happens or not… that’s a different story,” one person said.

Liz responded: “Just sweep it quickly! It’s not a deep clean. My kitchen really needs it at the end of the day.

Someone else added: “We have better things to do.”

However, there were some that agreed with her.

“Very true! 15 to 30 minutes a day to do these makes a difference,” one person said.

“I do this and it makes my life so much easier and my mental health! Plus I get to listen to music or a podcast while I do it,” a different commenter wrote.

Another added: “Bathroom and hand towels always daily.”

The dining table is one area Liz said needs to be regularly cleaned


The dining table is one area Liz said needs to be regularly cleanedCredit: Tik Tok
A study has revealed dish towels can carry lots of bacteria


A study has revealed dish towels can carry lots of bacteriaCredit: Tik Tok
Bathroom sinks and faucets also shouldn't be neglected


Bathroom sinks and faucets also shouldn’t be neglectedCredit: Tik Tok

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