Woman sparks fierce debate after sharing partner’s method of loading dishwasher

A woman says she “can’t take this anymore” after sharing a picture of the way her partner loads the dishwasher – and others have said the image makes them “feel physically sick”

One person said it looked like the dishes had been “thrown in from across the room” (stock image)

Angry Brits have demanded that loading a dishwasher should be introduced onto the national school curriculum after one woman shared her partner’s efforts – which have been compared to a “crime scene”.

Twitter user @Leebeattie posted a photo of the chaos she was faced with when she went to unload the appliance, and it’s gone viral after fiercely dividing opinions among others.

She wrote: “I married her before I ever saw her stack a dishwasher. I can’t take this anymore.”

The image shows two large pots stacked on top of a frying pan, with a bowl wedged into the corner, a water bottle place into an available gap, and two plates burying the cutlery holder.

While many people didn’t see a problem, others were turned to instant anger, with one writing: “That’s not so much stacking as it is throwing the dishes at the dishwasher from across the room!”

A second wrote: “This makes me feel physically sick”, and a third added: “That’s a crime scene!”

Some sympathised with Lee’s frustration, as one replied: “Dishwasher loading – in every marriage there’s one person who can, and one person who can’t, and if you’re not sure which you are, then you can’t.”

And a second commented: “Every home needs a dishwasher monitor. I am ours. God knows that they’d do without me.”

There were some constructive suggestions, including: “Looks to me as though space is limited, which leads to imperfect stacking. I would suggest adopting a ‘pans for the sink – plates for the dishwasher’ policy to mitigate this.”

And some people replied to say they couldn’t see an issue at all, with one arguing: “I see nothing wrong with this loading technique. All surfaces have access to water, the big pots that no-one want to wash are covered, and the colours are evenly distributed.”

Someone else said: “Me trying to work out how this is a problem.”

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