Woman stunned after Hinge date unleashes vicious tirade when she makes an offhand comment

ONE woman was taken aback by a Hinge date when he lost it at her for calling herself a “dog mom.”

After one date, the potential online love match slammed the woman for the offhand phrase saying she was trying to get recognition as a ‘mother’ when she doesn’t have a human child.


The woman’s hinge date went downhill so fastCredit: TikTok / @kristenbeatty
She shared all his texts with viewers on TikTok


She shared all his texts with viewers on TikTokCredit: TikTok / @kristenbeatty

Taking to her TikTok channel, where she posts under the domain @kristenbeatty24 the woman has made a series of videos about her Hinge-date-gone-horrible.

In the backstory post, the woman said that the man recognised the pictures on her dating profile, noticing that they lived in the same apartment building.

Although apprehensive to date her neighbour, the woman met the man in the communal garden area for a few drinks, it was all going well, and when the woman mentioned her dog and said he loved animals.

After the date, the man even met her dog which he seemingly loved, but things went sour when he cancelled on her for another date – 10 minutes after inviting her over.

Going on to her Part Two video, the woman sent him a text about being a dog mom to break the ice, but it massively backfired.

“I said it was “National dog-mom-day” and your boy did not take it so well, and you better believe I kept the receipts,” says the woman as she begins to read out his responses to her text.

He replied: “For real? I admire real moms. Parenting a human is 100% more rewarding than a pet.”

When she responded that she wasn’t trying to compare the two, and was just having fun, he got even angrier.

He asked her: “Do you put yourself in that category being a ‘dog mom'” to which the woman responded: “I own a dog, so yeah.”

Seemingly signing off he replied: “Bye. I find that childish.”

Laughing the TikTok user said: “It should have just ended there but it didn’t.”

Continuing with his reactive texts she read: “Anyone can take care of a pet, you don’t need recognition for it, I’m sorry.”

Trying her best to diffuse the situation, she told him she was not asking for any sort of recognition, or saying that it was as tough as being a real mom, but the ex-date continued to erupt.

He texted: “Well thats’ what that is. Nobody cares that you’re a dog mom. Why the need for a title? They want recognition or else you wouldn’t have it.”

Freaked out, she told her neighbour that he was taking the whole thing way too seriously, which led him to send what she calls ‘her favourite’ of his crazy texts.

He said: “Society is a joke. I’m a serious person. I’m not liberal by any means.”

Continuing to argue with the woman the man said more texts saying that calling yourself a pet parent is “bogus” to which she responded: “I don’t feel the need to answer your question. You said ‘bye like five minutes ago.”

Yet the insults kept rolling as in the third video the man texts “Let me guess, you put clothes on your dog? Let it sleep with you in bed? Think of it as your child? Clearly, we won’t get along.”

Nobody cares that you’re a dog mom. Why the need for a title? They want recognition or else you wouldn’t have it?

Maybe Brad

In her fourth video, she calls “the conclusion” she says that he reached out again three days later when he text her acting as if nothing had happened.

Starting up a convo about the communal pool in their complex, the man’s text was like there had never been an argument between the two.

The woman didn’t respond because she had no interest in seeing the man again after the insults he threw her way. Then a few weeks later she awkwardly ran into him when coming out of the gym.

Blanking each other, the woman received ANOTHER text from the man who said he was sorry he didn’t say hi but she ‘spooked him.’

Viewers are in hysterics, as her videos have received up to 1million views, commenters are saying that she was best to let sleeping dogs lie.

“Her: so my dog… Him: WHY SO POLITICAL” commented one person.

Another said: “Anyone else feel like he lost a game of ‘it’s me or the dog’ recently.”

“Dude I’m a human mom and ‘dog moms’ bother no one. Like chill shes’ not comparing her dog to YOUR baby she just said she loves it” commented a third.

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She ended up avoiding the man


She ended up avoiding the manCredit: TikTok / @kristenbeatty

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