Woman stuns with the easy way she got rid of her dry, frizzy ends WITHOUT cutting her hair

A HACK for keeping our hair long and smooth instead of chopping it off is always welcome.

A woman has shared a trick she used to treat her bleached, damaged ends and the results look amazing.


Katilyn shows her hair before using any treatment to treat the damageCredit: Tik Tok
After just one day there was a noticeable difference


After just one day there was a noticeable differenceCredit: Tik Tok

TikTok user, Katilyn Boyer posted the video on her account katilynroundtree, and it’s been viewed over two million times.

In the caption, Katilyn writes: “Saw a TikTok that said hair oil doesn’t moisturise your hair, only water can. So I tried Hyaluronic Acid!”

Hyaluronic Acid is a popular skincare ingredient that lots of companies are beginning to use in haircare products.

The acid acts as a binding ingredient to water so that hair and skin can lock in water and stay moisturised.

In the video, Katilyn shows what her hair looked like before starting the treatment and her ends looked fried and damaged.

She writes: “I tried Hyaluronic Acid in my hair for two weeks and this is what happened.”

To make the most of this moisturising ingredient it is best to apply it onto damp hair and skin so that it can lock in and absorb the water.

Katilyn first wets the ends of hair and then applies the serum to it every night.

She uses The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum to saturate the ends of her hair.

Katilyn records the two week progress and after just one day, her looks visibly smoother and less damaged.

She shows what her hair looks like after two treatments and writes: “After only two days I saw and felt a major difference.”

At the end, Katilyn shows what her hair looks like after two weeks of using Hyaluronic Acid on the ends of her hair every night.

Her hair looks like it is in incredible condition after the two week period and you can barely see the heat or bleach damage.

She said: “It feels soft and way more manageable.

“Even my hairstylist asked me what I had been doing.”

In the comments Katilyn writes a disclaimer saying she only tried this as an experiment and did go to the hair salon to get a complete new style at the hairdressers after.

People in the comments said it’s a good idea to dampen hair, use Hyaluronic Acid, and then seal it in with a hair oil to get the best results, similarly to how you should use it in your skincare routine.

Overall, people were stunned at how well it worked and wondered why they hadn’t thought of it before.

One user wrote: “Not me getting up from bed at 12am to try this, I have that serum didn’t like it for my face so thanks!”

Another person responded: “Wish I had known this before I cut all my hair off lol.”

A third user commented: “Wait this is so smart I wanna try this! I have fine, high-porosity hair so oil always feels heavy.”

After two weeks her hair looked amazing, even her hairstylist asked what she used


After two weeks her hair looked amazing, even her hairstylist asked what she usedCredit: Tik Tok
The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid serum is what Katilyn used


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid serum is what Katilyn usedCredit: Tik Tok

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