Woman surprises long-distance boyfriend but people say his reaction is a ‘red-flag’

A woman was forced to defend her relationship after she shared the “special moment” she surprised her long-distance boyfriend on TikTok as people called out his reaction

A video of a woman surprising her boyfriend at college has gone viral as viewers called his reaction a “red flag.”

Lauren shared the “special moment” where she surprised long-distance boyfriend Robbie on TikTok, where she’s known as @laurenzarras.

In the video, a friend leads her into a room where Robbie is seen sitting on the sofa with three girls.

When he sees her, he sort of stares in shock then doubles over smiling before getting up to give her a hug while everyone else in the room laughs.

The clip has racked up almost 15 million views, 2.3 million likes and numerous duets and stitches from people who shared their thoughts on his reaction.

One person said: “You can FEEL the awkward tension bro.”

Another wrote: “No cause I would’ve walked back out.”

A third put: “Three girls three guys… sis you interrupted the party.”

“I’ve never seen someone so unhappy to see their girlfriend,” wrote a fourth.

While some slammed the boy for not getting up and cuddling Lauren quicker, others pointed out that the girl sitting next to him appeared to move over when she entered the room.

A few viewers also believed they saw the girl sneakily hand his phone back to him.

But not everyone agreed as one person said: “Y’all need to realise that loyal men exist and confident woman exists as well. Ya’ll jus’ showing your own insecurity in the comments.” [sic]

Lauren later responded to criticism in a pinned comment, which said: “Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so much negativity. Please think before you assume anything about my relationship.”

In a second comment, she added: “As for the phone comment, his phone was in his lap. Thanks for the concerns though! And no I’m not in denial.”

In a follow-up video, Lauren said that she and Robbie had been dating long-distance for a year and are still “literally obsessed with each other” and are in contact “every minute of the day.”


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