Woman Takes Off Prosthetic Leg To Catch Home Run Ball During Baseball Game


A woman went to extremes to catch a home run ball during a baseball game, taking off her prosthetic leg. 

Shannon Frendreis was attending the Chicago White Sox game with friends, when the ball came flying off the pitch and towards her seat.

However, instead of panicking and despite being ‘five beers in’, the TikToker simply removed her prosthetic limb in order to catch the ball completely flawlessly, in turn sending the crowd absolutely wild.

Frendreis took to her TikTok account to post footage of her capturing the special moment.

The caption reads, ‘Five beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea.’

The video shows the ball mid air, coming towards Frendreis, who removed her leg and had it primed for an effortless catch, sending those around her screaming and cheering in delight.

The post has since amassed more than 3 million views, 458,600 likes and 2114 comments, with other users flooding to the TikTok in awe of the smooth catch. One said, ‘That’s some transferrable lacrosse skill too.’

Let’s talk about how you’re standing on one leg, five beers deep, catching a ball with your other leg! High five sis!

A third said, ‘I’ve heard getting the upper hand but never getting the upper leg.’

While NHL’s Dallas Stars even took to the TikToker’s post, calling her ‘a star in the making’, Frendreis instead used the compliment to take the opportunity to call on the Black Hawks.

She even shared a later video to her account, which showed her featured on television for her feat.

Frendreis uses her social media to post about her love of sushi, funny videos of her dog, but also an insight into what it is like to live with a prosthetic limb.


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