Woman thought adorable puppy was born with two tails – but she actually has five legs

A woman who rescues American bulldogs has gone viral on social media after showing off a unique puppy she’s been looking after which was born with an additional leg

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California: Puppy confirmed to have five legs at shelter

An adorable puppy has become an online sensation after being born with a fifth leg.

The baby bulldog has been named Chanel by fans on social media, as a nod to the designer brand’s iconic Chanel No 5 perfume.

She’s currently being taken care of by a foster carer for NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in the Sacramento, California area.

Posting on TikTok under the name @norcal_bullybread_rescue her carer has been sharing updates on the special little pup and answering questions about the additional leg.

Many have mistaken the leg for a tail, as it is attached in the tail region, but experts have confirmed it is a leg, with bone and a small foot on the end with three toes and three pads.

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In one of her videos, Chanel’s carer said: “This puppy was surrendered to us via a vet’s office so we don’t know who the owners or the parents are.

“It has been confirmed that Chanel has five legs.

“This is not a tail, this is a fifth leg, it has three toes and three pads.

“The confirmation was done by a physical exam by our veterinarian because this right here is bone, it’s called the tarsus bone and it’s the ankle bone in a dog.

“So Chanel does have five legs, her tail is right here and of course she is adorable.”

The fifth leg is attached to the tail region

In another video, she explains that she has not yet seen Chanel move the extra leg and that they are currently consulting with the finest animal surgeons in the area about how to “proceed” with the puppy’s situation.

She added: “Most likely she will keep this leg unless it impeeds her in some way.

“She’s doing fantastic.”

Her most recent video on Chanel has gone viral, being viewed more than eight million times and garnering over 1.7 million likes.

Thousands of people have also taken to the comments to share messages of support and love for the tiny pooch.

One person proclaimed: “An extra leg just means there’s more of that adorable puppy!”

Another said: “My five-year-old son was so happy to watch your clip. He was born with six fingers on his hands and feet and he said this puppy is special just like him.”

A third wrote: “I was NOT ready for how cute she is.”

Someone else posted: “More to love. She has no idea she’s different. Someone loving should treat her as such. That’s one beautiful puppy.”

A different user exclaimed: “I can’t with that tiny tail!”

A sixth admitted: “I want her.”

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