Woman told her ‘guardian angel’ back tattoo looks rather rude – now she can’t unsee it

A woman has gone viral on social media after showing off a ‘guardian angel’ tattoo on her back, which some believe looks much more X-rated than it’s meant to be

When getting a tattoo, there’s always a risk that it could end up looking rather different than you had envisioned.

There’s also a risk that some people won’t like it or approve, but that’s usually the way with most things in life.

As long as you like it, that’s really all that matters.

One woman has recently shared her new back tattoo online but was quickly met with lots of mocking and unfortunate comments as people pointed out that her ‘innocent’ design looked very X-rated and rude.

Posting on TikTok, a user named Bekah Milly showed off what was meant to be a ‘guardian angel’ tattoo in the middle of her upper back.

She explained that the design was intended to show her hugging her guardian angels.

However, once people realised the inking looked like a woman in a rather compromising position, many were unable to see it.

Bekah uploaded a clip to TikTok with the caption: “When someone says your new tattoo looks like a girl eating a**.”

Her video went viral, being watched more than six million times and garnering over 346,000 likes.

Thousands of people replied, with one person writing: “Can’t unsee it now. Just. Can’t.”

Another said: “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Lol.”

A third responded: “You need to go get that touched up ASAP!!!!”

Someone else commented: “Wow, that is really bad. Guess anyone can be a tattoo artist if this was paid for.”

A tattoo artist also commented, sharing a suggestion for how the design could be improved.

They added: “My suggestion would be to continue the outline of the head further to make the distinction that it’s a person.”

A different user posted: “I saw a hug until I read the text. People see what they want, jus sayin.”

Despite all this, Bekah still seems quite fond of her tattoo and in a follow-up, video seemed to have a good laugh over the jokes.

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