Woman told to stop ordering takeaway food by her neighbour

A woman has been urged to stop ordering so much takeaway food by one of her neighbours.

Takeaway row

The woman resorted to ordering lots of takeaway food because her oven isn’t working at the moment – but the neighbour has bluntly told her to find an alternative solution to the problem.

Taking to Mumsnet to discuss the row, she wrote: “Very recently moved house and have no working oven (should be ready by Friday) so we’ve unfortunately been relying on takeaways/eating out.”

She later added: “He wasn’t rude when asking but am I being unreasonable to think he’s very nosey? And that he can’t dictate what we eat?!

“For info, none of the takeaways has been delivered, all collected by us so it’s not like a delivery driver is knocking on his door or anything.”

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