Woman travels from Perth to London to deliver best mate Coles mud cake

A Perth blogger whose best friend lives in the UK has shared the “solid effort” she took in order to deliver an iconic Aussie item on her birthday.

A Perth travel blogger has revealed the extreme efforts she went to in order to deliver her best friend a Coles mud cake for her birthday.

Imogen Blow, 25, travelled from 42 hours from Perth to London carrying the iconic chocolate cake to surprise her mate Tori who was living in the UK.

The travel blogger documented the $4.80 dessert’s lengthy travel journey through three continents, explaining to news.com.au she wanted to “bring an Aussie icon to a different country”.

Despite the huge journey across two 10+ hour flights and on four trains, Imogen said the cake “honestly tasted as good as the day I got it”.

“Maybe it was just the placebo effect of the blood, sweat and tears of transporting it,” she told news.com.au.

“The hardest part was slipping it into the overhead lockers without anyone stuffing their bag on top.”

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Miraculously, the cake arrived in very good condition, despite being hauled through customs, three airports – and even visiting the bathroom with Imogen.

While her great mud cake expedition was filmed back in 2018, Imogen shared the video to TikTok on Tuesday where it quickly amassed thousands of views and ‘likes’.

“Even in the toilet #traveltiktok #travelthrowback,” Imogen captioned the video.

Many praised Imogen’s efforts, describing it as a “solid effort,” while another said, “OMG this crazy.”

While one teased, “You did all that and got the Coles one not Woolies.”

On her initial YouTube video, posted in October 2018, someone asked why Imogen had taken the cake to the toilet with her.

“Recently airport security has been upped and leaving suitcases alone outside may result in a mass security pile up as they think it could be a bomb,” she explained.

“Leaving cakes outside could result in the bomb squad being called, and myself being arrested. Either that or someone will eat it lol.”

Imogen explained she felt compelled to transport the Coles mud cake across the globe as she is always trying “wacky things”.

“Vegemite and stuffed koala bears have been done to death. I wanted to choose something that I was fairly confident had never been done before.”

Supermarket mud cakes have earned a cult-status in Australian homes, known for their cheap prices and delicious taste.

They’ve also become a staple base of many DIY birthday cakes, being transformed into incredible designs such as a lifelike “KFC meal” and even “stunning” wedding cakes.

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