Woman turns garden into ‘graveyard for anti-vaxxers’ with mocking Halloween decorations

A Canadian woman got creative with her post-pandemic Halloween decorations as she turned her front lawn into a cemetery for Facebook anti-vaxxers.

The woman, who only wishes to be identified by her first name Juliana, caught the attention of people across the world after succeeding in giving her neighbours a laugh out with her hilarious headstones.

She posted the pictures of her satirical creations on Facebook, with each headstone featuring a quote from people who have taken a stand against the Covid-19 jab as they aim to spread misinformation online.

The quotes, which were written as though they were the cause of death say, “DEAD. But Not a Sheep,” and “Thought Facebook was a reliable source,” or even “Believed it was only the flu.”

One headstone reads “My body. My Choice. My Coffin”

One even names a dead woman as “Aunty Vaxx” and another said, “My body. My Choice. My Coffin.”

Juliana wrote: “The scariest Halloween decorations I could come up with.”

The post was also shared by her neighbour who praised her for having the best Halloween decorations as Facebook users flocked to the comments to choose their favourite headstone.

They also praised Juliana’s sense of humour as the world begins to come out of what has been a dark time for so many.

antivax headstone
Juliana poked fun at those spreading misinformation about the Covid-19 jab on Facebook

One commenter said: “Bloody hilarious what a great idea!!!!”

Another added: “Might steel this, I’m always looking for something different each year, lol.”

A third said: “These are awesome! Well done! You should make the tour of best decorations!”

antivax headstone
Each headstone features an antivax slogan as the cause of death

“This is absolutely perfect in every way and I wish I thought of it first,” a fourth added.

Others pointed out that although they enjoyed the dark humour – it is also sad that people are still dying after refusing the vaccine.

antivax headstone
One of the headstones named the “deceased” as Aunty Vaxx

One said: “This is great, but also kinda sad that it’s the truth.”

Another wrote: “10000% … Nearly two years in and these people haven’t learned a damn thing!

“mRNA vaccines have been in research and production since the early 2000’s. This vaccine is not new. And no birth defects have been reported.”

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