Woman unaware she was pregnant gives birth minutes after stomach ache

A woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth just eight minutes after suffering from stomach pain.


Tilda Kantala, from Finland, woke up in June with a “small burning pain” but suspected that it had been caused by a tummy upset as she hadn’t experienced any other pregnancy symptoms.

However, she was soon overcome with the urge from when she gave birth to her first child a couple of years ago.

Kantala said: “I thought it was just from eating something bad or something that my stomach can’t handle.

“It wasn’t like normal contractions but then came a very familiar feeling – the urge to push.

“That’s when I figured out that I was in labour and about to give birth to a baby or babies. At that point, I didn’t know anything.”

From the moment of realisation onwards, the birth happened at remarkable speed.

Kantala explained: “My mum went to get some towels and get some more help from my uncle, who called the ambulance. While he was on the call, I pushed three times and the baby was out.”


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