Woman Warned Her Husband That She Would Kill Him If He Walked on Their Wet Floor

There was an old man who always got on his wife’s nerves by walking across the kitchen floor after she mopped it. So one day, the old wife told her husband she would kill him if he walked on the wet kitchen floor again.

Despite receiving a stern warning, he paid deaf ears to it. So when the old woman mopped the kitchen floor again, he still walked across it, leaving the floor dirty with tracks of water in the living room.

The women warned her husband about walking on the wet kitchen floor | Source: Shutterstock

The old woman, keeping to her promise, went into the bedroom without uttering a word, grabbed a pistol, and shot her husband while he sat in his recliner.

Then she called 911 and told the operator she had promised to kill her husband if he walked across the kitchen floor after it was mopped, but he did not listen, and she went ahead and shot him.

Without hesitation, the emergency dispatch department sent an ambulance for the woman’s husband and a squad car for her. A few minutes later, the Chief of Police heard about the incident and thought it was strange. So he got into his car and drove down to the location.

On arrival, the Chief of Police saw that his policemen had not entered the house. Confused, he asked the officers why they had not yet arrested the woman. The officers replied:

“Sir, we can’t go in now. The kitchen floor is still wet.”


Three men married women from different countries of the world. The first man married a woman from Greece and instructed her to clean the house and do the dishes.

The first two days were difficult for the Greek woman, but on the third day, the man came home to a clean house and washed dishes.

A photo of a couple on their wedding day | Photo: Shutterstock

A photo of a couple on their wedding day | Photo: Shutterstock

The second man married a woman from Thailand. He also gave his wife instructions which included cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes. The first day had no results, the second day came with improvements, and on the third day, the man saw a clean house, washed dishes, and a delicious dinner on the table.

The third man’s wife was from Scotland, and her chores were more tasking than the first two. She was ordered to clean the house, do the dishes, mow the lawn, prepare meals three times a day, and do the laundry.

On the first and second days, the man did not see anything. However, on the third day, his swollen left eye had gone down a bit, and he could see.

Also, his arms had healed, and he could make himself a sandwich and load the dishwasher. But he still has problems urinating.

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Source: Reddit, Upjoke

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