Woman Who Finds Out Her In Laws Broke Into Her House, Kicks Them Out

Developing a healthy relationship with in-laws is something that never crosses one’s mind before they get married. After they start living with their spouse and interact with their relatives, they discover how their in-laws are. Some people get along with their in-laws very well, while others take time.


What’s worse than watching your nosy in-laws enter your locked bedroom to rummage through your personal belongings? Nothing! A Reddit user named bobthebuilder798 posted that she kicked her in-laws out of the house because they did something similar.

She had installed hidden cameras in the house because of security reasons. While she was out of the house with her husband, a notification popped on her phone screen indicating that the camera had detected movement inside her locked bedroom. The footage showed her mother-in-law (MIL) ripping off her bedsheets.

Her father-in-law opened the closets and threw out all of the clothes like he was searching for something. The woman lost her cool when she found out why her in-laws broke into her bedroom, so she asked them to leave the house right away. She wrote:

Source: Reddit

The woman also asked her in-laws to pay for the damages, but they didn’t. On the other hand, her husband’s siblings are angry at her for kicking their parents out because they have nowhere else to go. She asked other users if she was at fault, and one of them said:

Other users also objected to her in-laws’ unacceptable behavior. They asked why her mother-in-law ripped off her bedsheets because that has nothing to do with having a baby. Another user doubted the in-laws’ intentions and said they had something else going on in their minds.

They said that her husband’s parents must have entered the room to look for money or something else, and they just came up with another story. Another Redditor commented:


Another similar post surfaced on Reddit where the user, MarinaraBlue, posted that she had to kick her mother-in-law out of the house while her fiance was away. Her fiance was upset about it, so she felt guilty and asked other users for their opinion.

She always got along with her husband’s mother, but it wasn’t the same this time. She said that her MIL is a talkative person who expresses her opinions bluntly and argues if people disagree with her. They got into an argument about a political issue, and her MIL offended her by bad-mouthing her parents.

The woman had to kick her MIL out of the house because that was the only way to avoid further arguments. Her fiance wasn’t happy about it but understood why she kicked her out. Another Redditor left a sensible comment under her post, saying:


Not liking your in-laws is very common, especially when they don’t understand your viewpoints and interfere in your married life. However, that doesn’t mean you disrespect them and kick them out of your life. Doing so will make your spouse and their parents grow apart, and they will blame you for it.

In-laws often play wicked games that turn spouses against each other. Their blame game is one of the reasons why marriages fall apart. Some in-laws also don’t like their child’s spouse, so they intentionally make them feel bad through their words and actions.

Some in-laws always have a never-ending list of complaints that always creates unnecessary drama and sparks a feeling of rage in their children’s hearts. Experts suggest that you let go of those complaints and not have a close relationship with your in-laws when they behave like this. You don’t have to accept everything they say.

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Don’t feel bad if you have a strained relationship with your mother-in-law while your friend has the best in-laws in the world. Some people are easy to get along with, while others are stubborn and aren’t open to changes. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to help you improve your relationship with your in-laws.

While you don’t like having your in-laws around, your spouse enjoys spending time with them. This can make you feel like you are wasting time when you meet your in-laws. You might feel helpless when your spouse insists on visiting their parents more often.

If you find yourself in such a situation, experts suggest communicating with your spouse and telling them how you feel around their parents. They will help you blend into the family by initiating conversations when visiting your in-laws when they understand your case.

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You and your spouse should always be on the same team. You should allow them to talk to you about anything, and they should also do the same. If your in-laws try to turn their child against you, you can speak to your spouse and let them know the truth.

Other times when your intrusive in-laws are trying to fit themselves between you and your spouse, you can talk to them as a team and make them understand that they can’t poke their nose in everything that you and your spouse do. Make sure not to offend them because that will ruin your relationship.

Communicating your issues to your spouse’s parents as a team can help you handle difficult in-laws and save your marriage from falling apart. What do you think? We’d love to know if you have any advice for couples who struggle to deal with difficult in-laws.


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