Woman who lost 100lbs shares vile comments made by men following her weight loss

TikToker Hope lost 100lbs thanks to sheer hard work and determination, but sadly that hasn’t stopped her falling victim to vile comments about her appearance from men

Hope completely transformed her lifestyle to lose more than seven stone

A woman who lost more than seven stone has revealed some of the vile comments she’s received from the opposite sex since losing the weight.

Hope ( @hope_zuckerbrow ) used sheer hand work and determination to shift 100lbs, in the form of regular intense exercise, after deciding she needed to take back control of her life.

But, while most people are impressed by her complete health overhaul, the TikToker has received some pretty disgusting and derogatory comments from men.

Hope recently uploaded a clip, in which she documented just some of rude remarks – some of which are intended as compliments and others which are just plain insulting.

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“She looked better fat, now she’s cocky,” one comment read, while another added: “Great, now I can turn on the lights when we do it.”

Another man told her she was “still a 3/10,” following the weight loss, while another said: “Some girls are actually hot underneath all that fat.”

One extremely rude male even said: “Lose about 30lbs more and then you’ll be perfect.”

It’s pretty disgusting that people seem to think they have a right to comment on Hope’s body before or after weight loss, but fortunately many TikTok users were quick to offer their support in the comments section.

“You are perfect,” one TikToker commented, adding: “Then and now.”

Another commented: “Self love scares men. They know you don’t need their validation and it makes them insecure.”

“This is why I struggle with losing weight. I don’t want to see that switch in people and all of a sudden have worth in their eyes,” one wrote.

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