Woman with flat stomach found out she was six months pregnant after shock test

A woman says she has no idea she was pregnant until she reached six months – still having period-like bleeding and a flat stomach.

Explaining the bizarre circumstances in a TikTok video, Nydia Maritza @nydiamv says her sister and pal encouraged her to take a pregnancy test after thinking she seemed “different lately”.

Nydia says she was feeling confident as she waited for the test result because she was “on birth control and had my period three weeks prior”.

The lass also says she experienced “NO symptoms and wasn’t showing” and so was shocked to see the positive test result just minutes later.

Panicking, Nydia says she sought out medical attention and was told by a nurse she was likely “no more than six weeks”.

Nydia said her pregnancy news was a complete shock

The ultrasound scan then revealed she was actually 23 weeks pregnant and the fetus had “limbs, toes, facial features”.

Nydia says she was left “realising I only have three months to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare myself for welcoming a baby I’ve only known about for 15 minutes”.

The terrified mum-to-be stayed with a flat stomach until the seventh month when her pregnancy belly suddenly appeared “overnight”.

She says she still managed to “pull a Kylie Jenner” and didn’t announce the baby until he was born because she was still adjusting to the shock news and trying to learn parenting skills in double-quick time.

Nydia still had abs when she was nearly three months pregnant
Nydia still had abs when she was nearly three months pregnant

Nydia says: “The reason I decided to keep my pregnancy private, aside from close family and friends, was because I only had three months to prepare, emotionally, physically, mentally, the whole shebang.

“I had to prep the room the nursery, all that kind of stuff and it was a very peaceful three months, I’d do it all over again if I could.”

The video was “liked” nearly half a times on TikTok and thousands of people left comments, with many admitting it was their worst fear.

One viewer said: “Got my tubes tied and still panic about pregnancy.”

“Shows how tricky it is to find out about pregnancy before seven weeks,” commented a second person.

A third user shared: “One IUD and three negative pregnancy tests later = 18 weeks along.”

Someone else commented: “These comments are terrifying me *goes and buys pregnancy test even though period ended”.

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