Woman worth £240k shares the six easy tips which have helped her double her savings with hardly any effort

A 24-YEAR-OLD woman who has a net worth of £240k has revealed the six easy habits that helped her double her finances.

Queenie Tan, a marketing manager from Sydney, Australia, has been actively saving and investing since she was 19 and now shares money tips and advice on her YouTube channel.  


Queenie Tan has revealed the six easy ways that she doubled her net worthCredit: YouTube
She says it's important to regularly speak to an accountant


She says it’s important to regularly speak to an accountantCredit: YouTube
She says that she almost never goes out for dinner and spends her week meal prepping


She says that she almost never goes out for dinner and spends her week meal preppingCredit: YouTube

In her latest clip, she reveals the very simple habits that transformed her net worth – and how anybody can apply them to their own lives.


Queenie says that she lives by the quote ‘what gets measured gets managed.’

She says: “Pablo (her partner) and I go through my expenses every month to see what we’ve spent our money on.

“Last month when we were going through out expenses we had a look at our electricity bill and it’s more than what we usually pay.

“So in the last month I’ve been a lot more mindful about switching off lights when I’m not using them and sure enough our electricity bill has decreased.


She says: “Another thing that can really save you money is to consider price mark-ups.

“The other night Pablo and I realised just how much popcorn can be marked up when it’s packaged in different ways.”

She explained that would often buy ready-to-eat popcorn for £1.50 and while it might seem like a good deal, but you can buy the exact same weight in popcorn kernels for less than 20p and make it yourself.

This meant that she and Pablo were spending over 8x the price just for convenience and they immediately switched.


Eating out can cost a fortune so Queenie highly recommends meal prep.

“We look up the recipes that we’d like to make each week,” she says, “And then we buy the groceries for those recipes.

“On average restaurants mark up their food and wine by three times so by making a lot of our food at home we’re saving quite a bit of money on our food costs.

“And it makes the experience of ordering take out or going to a restaurant a lot more enjoyable.”


Queenie recommends speaking to an accountant if you are hoping to save money.

“We give as much information to our accountant as possible so they can get more ideas on how they can help us,” she says.

“In the future we will be asking them about planning for kids, retirement and also about investment and investment properties.” 


Since leaving their jobs and becoming full time YouTubers, Queenie and Pablo now rely on a business income meaning they must track it much more diligently. 

She explains: “We see what our business income is and what our business expenses are and we make sure that all of our invoices have been paid.

“If we can, we’ll reduce any of our business expenses so that we can save more money.

“We also go through our credit card statements every single month and make sure we pay off our credit cards in full and on time.

“So we don’t get charged any interest.”

Queenie also invests a certain percentage of her wage each month.


Queenie and Pablo like to calculate their net worth every few months.

“This is a bit of a financial health check to see what our progress has been,” she says.

“This is something that has really helped us because sometimes we feel like we’re not getting very far in our financial journey.

“But when we track our net worth we realise that we’ve actually come a long way.

“I think it’s so important to celebrate those money wins, no matter how small they are.”

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