Woman’s $1200 Balenciaga bag fail

A woman has racked up half a million views on a TikTok video after she revealed her massive online shopping fail when receiving the product.

A woman was left stunned after ordering a ‘mini’ bag from a trendy designer only to find she can’t fit anything in it.

Khloe Kalvina, posted the video to her TikTok account, where it has been viewed more than 500,000 times, The Sun reports.

In the caption she wrote: “So when they say mini they really mean mini.”

She claims she spent $1270 on the bag, after seeing it online and placing an order.

Small bags have made a comeback and Khloe purchased hers from the Spanish designer, Balenciaga.

Khloe, adds that she initially wanted to buy the bag so she could use it to carry her phone and cash in.

However, she was left disappointed by the size of it when the order turned up on her doorstep.

“Little did I know it only just fits my ID in and it’s smaller than my phone,” she wrote.

Some viewers sympathised with her with one saying: “Noo, the mini looks so much bigger online,” to which, Khloe agreed with, adding she was heartbroken.

While everyone agreed that the bag was cute, there were many people in the comments who were shocked Khloe spent $1270 on a tiny handbag.

“I just cannot get over that it is £675 ($A1270),” one TikTok user wrote, adding, “That’s the same as my rent.”

“It’s so cute but definitely not worth the price,” wrote another, while a third added: “Your own fault for paying that kind of money for a bag tbh.”

One woman revealed she also bought the same bag. “I was shook,” the woman wrote, to which Khloe agreed that it was a ridiculous price considering how small it is.

Khloe did let people know that she sent the bag back shortly after posting the video.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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