Woman‘s bikini photo ruined by shark photobomb in Florida

The friends had been taking photos for Instagram when one of them felt “something rub against my leg” – terrifying them in the process.

A university student in the United States and her friend had fled the sea in terror as a shark photobombed them while taking pictures in the shallow water.

Kristina Lowe was posing for pictures being taken by her friend Annalea Burr in the water of a Florida beach when they encountered the 1.2m shark.

The photo shows 18-year-old Kristina bent over with her mouth stretched wide in horror as she screamed while the predator glided past.

The political science student was having a photo shoot in the water of New Smyrna Beach when she suddenly felt something “rough” brush up against her.

Knowing she was swimming in the “shark bite capital of the world”, Ms Lowe immediately started to run for shore.

Friend Annalea, also 18, chased after her, and the pair made it back to the beach safely.

Ms Lowe said the shark encounter, which had been her first (and hopefully her last), was “so crazy”.

“My friend was taking photos of me in the water because I wanted some pictures to post on Instagram,” she said.

“I felt something rub against my leg. I looked down and I saw what looked like a huge fish. I realised it was a shark then started running.

“As soon as I felt it graze against my leg, I thought, ‘Oh my god, it’s a shark.’”

Ms Lowe said the shark’s skin had been “really rough” and it had “scratched up my knee” as it brushed past her.

“The picture is my face just as I saw the shark’s fin. I screamed when I felt it rub up against me,” she said.

“I knew there were sharks where I live but I‘ve never seen them in the water with me,” she added.

“I didn’t even say anything to my friend but she saw I was running and she started running too.

“She didn’t know what happened until afterwards. She looked back and saw it swimming in the water. She was just surprised; nobody else was around us.”

But despite Ms Lowe’s close encounter she‘ll brave the waters again – as most attacks on the idyllic beach aren’t fatal.

“Whenever we have shark attacks, it’s all just smaller sharks and never anything serious. It might bite a person but it’s never fatal or serious,” she said.

“It’s always smaller sharks but that’s their home.”

“I’ll definitely go back in the water. I’ve lived here my entire life so it won’t keep me away.

“I was in their home. I just didn‘t go back into the water that day, I took the day off.

“Everyone was worried for me because it was really scary, but I’m OK.”

This story first appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission


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