Woman’s chaotic method of filling dishwasher slammed as people say it makes them feel ‘physically sick’

A WOMAN has left people feeling “physically sick” seeing her “chaotic” method of stacking the dishwasher.

It was the woman’s own wife who shamed her spouse’s stacking skills, posting a snap of their very full dishwasher on Twitter.


One woman’s dishwasher stacking skills have left Twitter feeling “physically sick”Credit: Twitter/@/eebeattie

Captioning the tweet, her wife wrote: “I married her before I ever saw her stack a dishwasher. I can’t take this anymore.”

The photo shows the lower rack of the dishwasher piled high with pots, pans, bowls, colanders – you name it and the woman had squeezed it in.

And it wasn’t only her wife who was horrified by her approach to dishwasher stacking, with Twitter instantly weighing in.

One tweeted: “Every home needs a Dishwasher monitor.”

“Argh my eyes!” wrote another, while a third wrote, “This makes me feel physically sick.”

While a fourth added: “Did she throw everything at it from the living room? Jesus.”

For those who do need a little advice when it comes to stacking experts at Bon Appetit magazine previously revealed the “correct” way to stack.

They claim that you should always load back to front, simply making it easier to fit more in.

You should then unload from bottom to top to avoid dripping.

Plastics should stick on the top shelf as they are prone to melt and any cups should be placed face down on a right angle so they don’t collect water.

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