Woman’s five-second hack stops her feet from hurting in heels – but people can’t believe what she puts in her shoes

LIVING in our pyjamas and slippers for the past year has been great.

But now we are heading back out and getting dressed up it feels like it has become that little bit harder for our feet to squeeze into those heels again.


One woman shares a hack to help stop the pain with heels on a night outCredit: TikTok

And sometimes it can get desperate trying to avoid any blisters, or aches and pains from the shoes. 

However, one TikTok influencer has come to save the day with just a five second hack. 

She claims all you need is a SANITARY TOWEL and it will save your feet from hurting in heels. 

Demonstrating in the video, Jo Burton Read demonstrates her life hack that she can “no longer live without.” 


Captioning the video: “I’ve done this so many times on a night out” takes the sanitary towel out of the packaging. 

She then opens it up, and takes the plastic off the back to the sticky side facing down. 

She then places the sanitary towel directly into the shoe and sticks it down. 

It appears to protect the heel of the foot, as well as the soles of your feet. 

And people couldn’t believe the discovery. 

One wrote: “Why did no one tell meee.”

People can't believe the hack after she said she does it on her nights out


People can’t believe the hack after she said she does it on her nights outCredit: TikTok

Another said: “I swear pads are so useful for everything but a period.”

A third wrote: “This is gold.”

And a fourth said: “I have done this. Problem was when i had a few drinks I thought it was a good idea to show everyone at my sons wedding.”

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