Woman’s genius can opener hack lets you save a load of wardrobe space

If you find yourself fighting for wardrobe space with other members of your family, then you may want to read on.

That’s because a woman has shared a genius can opener hack that saves tons of space in your wardrobe.

The lady took a Facebook group created by fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch to share the clever tip.

As well as sharing cleaning tips in the group, members also post handy hints for around the house.

And this one went viral as member Ardita shared it.

She posted a photo of a simple can opener on her hand, before revealing what she did with it in the following snaps.

She revealed the hack in a Mrs Hinch Facebook group

Ardita showed that she had threaded the hanger through the top hole on the can lid, and then another hanger on the bottom one so clothes could hang one under each other.

She revealed it works on jackets, shirts and tops, with them all stacked together.

Captioning the post, she wrote: “Hi everyone. Anyone else does this? Saves so much space in wardrobe.

“Save your can lids.”

Group members were loving the post as it racked up 5,800 likes and more than 1,400 comments.

Can opener hack in action
People were amazed by the simple hack

One exclaimed: “Excellent idea I’ll be doing this now.”

While another added: “This such a good idea love it.”

A third meanwhile branded her a “clever lady,” while a fourth said it was a “great share”.

Despite the great organisational tip, meaning people do predominantly use the groups for cleaning hacks to share with one another.

This includes a recent tip about how to get burns marks off an iron using paracetamol.

Cleaning fan Vicky shared before and after photos of her iron as she spoke about the hack.

The before photo saw the device covered in burn marks, while in the after shot it was restored to being perfectly clean.

Captioning the post, she wrote: “Just used an uncoated paracetamol tablet, held in a pair of tweezers.

“Allow the iron to heat, and rub the paracetamol in circles, the burn marks just wipe away!!

“Who would have guessed paracetamol could be used to clean an iron??!!”

Many people couldn’t believe the results, as one person exclaimed: “That’s amazing!!!”

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