Woman’s Glossier Boy Brow review goes viral as she says it’s so good it stayed on after she was in a car crash

WHEN buying a makeup product, it’s important to check the reviews.

It’s crucial to know how long the product will last and if it smudges easily.


One Twitter user found some hilarious reviews for their liquid higlighterCredit: Glossier

Well, when looking to purchase products from Glossier, some Twitter users have found hilarious reviews that you need to read.

If you’re looking to buy a new liquid eyeliner or a brow gel, these reviews will definitely encourage you to get out your card.

Glossier’s liquid eyeliner that comes in at £15 a pen is guaranteed to last you not only hours. but hours of crying.

Twitter user Caroline O’Donoghue posted the reviews to her account ‘Czaroline’ with the caption “All of the reviews for Glossier’s eyeliner are just YA novels.”

She found one review that said: “Stayed on while I cried for 4 hours.”

The review read: “Got broken up with in a skate park and this baby stayed on the entire time! All four hours of crying and 1 hour in the shower!”

If you thought four hours of crying was good, another review said the product stayed on for six hours of sobbing.

The review said: “Stayed on through crying for 6 hours!”

It read “This eyeliner is truly a modern marvel.

“It stayed on for 6 hours as I sobbed when my best friend made out with the guy I was into!

“I’m not even kidding, this stuff is insane.”

The hilarious reviews racked up almost 500 likes on Twitter and 31 retweets.

Well, we know what eyeliner we’re buying…

These hilarious reviews left Twitter users in hysterics


These hilarious reviews left Twitter users in hystericsCredit: Czaroline/Twitter


But while you’re at it, if you need an eyebrow gel, another Twitter user found an even more shocking review.

Amy Stutz posted the review to her account ‘AmyStutz’ and said “I’m obsessed with this one for their Boy Brow.”

The review of the £14 eyebrow gel read: “Literally stayed on through getting hit by a car.”

Prepare to be shocked.

The review said: “I wore this to a festival and it stayed on through infinite sweat there.

“After the festival I got hit by a car on the side of the road and after getting pulled out from under a car and going to the hospital the only intact part of my makeup when I left the hospital was this brow product.”

Well that sounds like a pretty intense eyebrow gel…

Glossier's brow gel even stayed on through a car crash


Glossier’s brow gel even stayed on through a car crashCredit: AmyStutz/Twitter

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