Woman’s house trashed by stranger after friend refuses to sleep with him

A woman was left stunned when a stranger trashed her house because her friend “wouldn’t sleep with him”.

Anna Martin has now issued a stark warning and urged people not to invite strangers to house parties as she filmed the aftermath of the mess in house.

She explained on TikTok that she and her pal had gone to a pub for drink and invited some people back to her house to “post-game”.

While showing the chaotic scenes inside her house, she says: “One person was trying to make a move on my friend.

“She wasn’t interested and I spoke to him about consent – and then he became very upset and trashed the apartment.

“So you can see he, you know, smashed a bunch of our vases and things, smashed bottles, smashed mirrors, dumped contents of things onto the floor.”

Anna said the man got upset when her friend refused to sleep with him and he started smashing things up in her house

Anna pans the camera down and says the tiles are all “messed up” because the man poured milk all over the floor.

“Yeah obviously don’t invite strangers to your home,” she says.

“Men are trash… we obviously called the police.”

In another video, Anna wrote: “Update on the man who trashed my apartment because my friend wouldn’t sleep with him.”

She found out the man had poured cream inside their hydroponic garden.

The man allegedly broke some of their vases and poured milk all over the floor in the kitchen
The man allegedly broke some of their vases and poured milk all over the floor in the kitchen

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While some viewers asked her why did she invite a stranger at first place, she responded: “I would say it’s a pretty normal thing in my culture to do that.

“Obviously I’ve learned my lesson and I won’t do that again.

“You know, a post-game, you invite people over to hang out, drink a little more, listen to music. No one seem out-of-control drunk.

“I felt that it was fine but maybe that’s me being naive. I wish it was safe to do that without worrying someone could come by and trash your house.”


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