Woman’s inventive plan to sell ‘trash’ on Facebook leaves everyone in stitches

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure. Or in this instance one woman’s trash is another’s entertainment.

For most of us, taking pictures to upload onto selling sites can seem almost chore-like.

However, one Facebook user has taken the opportunity to sell her unwanted belongings with a comedic twist.

Comedian, @trashsellstrash, has taken to the Facebook Marketplace to flog some of her “trash”.

But she makes sure to offer her customers a different shopping experience than they usually get.

The woman posts funny takes on the products – from being eaten by her kid’s turtle sandpit to dressing up in her winter attire and exiting her wardrobe that has a “free portal to Narnia”.

That’s one way to sell a laminator…

Attempting to sell her laminator for £50, the woman is pictured posing with the machine and has funnily laminated a picture of some hands looking like she has had a very painful accident.

To offer light-hearted fun for scrolling shoppers, the woman captioned the hilarious snap: “Very powerful. Use with care”.

In another snap on the funny Facebook site, the woman is seen sitting on a Little Tikes car holding up a queue of traffic.

The comedian captioned the photo: “The wheel turns, the horn squeaks, and the fuel cap opens. Top speed of 0.5mph. MOT until June 2022.’

The comedian has gone viral on Facebook thanks to her amusing Marketplace adverts
The Facebook seller came up with a creative way to sell the toy car for £12

woman sells trash on facebook
In another picture, the Facebook seller jokes her wardrobe leads to “Narnia”

One Facebook user joked: “Is it diesel or unleaded, would it be possible to fit a turbo?”

The seller is based in Fareham, Portsmouth and has over 1,000 likes on the funny Facebook page.

And if you are asking, yes, everything actually is for sale according to the marketplace seller.

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