Woman’s screams so loudly over spider causes neighbours to call police

A woman has said she is “mortified” after police turned up in two riot vans after neighbours thought she was being attacked.

A woman got so spooked when she spotted a spider in her room that a neighbour called the police after hearing her loud screaming.

Hollie Hunter, from Edinburgh in Scotland, went into hysterics last week after she clocked an eight-legged creature crawling under her bed.

Two police vans turned up and officers combed her room for the eight-legged creature

She was also freaked out by a moth in her room, causing her to scream loudly.

Her shrieking caught the attention of neighbours, with one so concerned that they picked up the phone and called the cops.

After the alarm was raised two Police Scotland vans turned up and officers visited her flat.

Ms Hunter shared pictures of officers inside her room, with some lifting up her mattress to search for the arachnid.

Ms Hunter said she was “mortified” by the experience and admitted she needs help for her arachnophobia.

Luckily officers, who found and relocated the spider, saw the humorous side of the bizarre evening call-out.

In a post on Facebook, she said: “Anyone else screaming that bad last night about a spider crawling under their bed and a moth in their room that their neighbours phoned the police … who turned up in two riot vans and ended up lifting your bed to find the spider? NAH JUST ME THEN?

“Never been so mortified in my whole life soooo glad they saw the funny side and disposed of said spider. Think it’s time to seek help for my phobias.”

Sharing a photo of police vans outside her flat, Ms Hunter added: “For a spider and a f***ing moth. I’m moving … I’m mortified.”

Ms Hunter’s post attracted widespread attention, with more than 20,000 shares and nearly 7000 likes.

One person commented: “Hollie they gonna have to save ur number under spider gal so they don’t come every time u have one in your house.”

Another wrote: “So funny poor you Hollie Hunter. Policemen looked nice.”

A third said: “This is hilarious. No got the conkers round the window anymore?”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced here with permission

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