Woman’s Sunday dinner was brutally roasted on Facebook

A woman shared a picture of her Sunday dinner to a ‘rate my plate’ group on Facebook and soon it was brutally roasted, as people compared the meal to a medical disaster.

A woman proudly shared a picture of the Sunday dinner that she had loving prepared – but soon found it was being roasted online as others compared it to a ‘ruptured colon’.

The woman, known only as Rebecca H, uploaded a picture of her meal to a Facebook group called ‘Rate my Plate’, where amateur chefs share their culinary creations for others to judge.

Rebecca’s picture contains a sea of beige, as it includes Yorkshire puddings, undercooked roast potatoes, and beef – all of which are swimming in gravy, as the Daily Star reports.

And it appears Facebook users weren’t impressed either, as many people flocked to the post to comment their opinions, most of which were negative.

The woman’s roast was certainly unconventional, with lots of gravy

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One person commented: “Looks like a ruptured colon on a plate.”

Another user joked: “Looks dry, it could do with a little bit more gravy!”

A third person added to the roast: “Tell me hun, is the dog better now he’s thrown up?”

Another jested: “GOT ME TRUNKS…AM GOING IN!!!!”

Meanwhile, a fifth person admitted: “On first glance, I thought it was a curry – not gravy.”

Someone else added: “Gravy tide came in, dinner was washed away.”

The British dish clearly sparked a storm as the post racked up more than 7,000 reactions and a whopping 20,000 comments.

Meanwhile, one man’s breakfast went viral after being shared on social media – but people were left divided.

The sausage sarnie looked like it would have been a pretty decent sandwich – before it was cut up in tiny chunks.

On Twitter, one social media user claimed that’s how a man received it after paying for it with 10p coins.

He tweeted: “Had a message off one of the lads this morning says “Some lad who works in Jag paid for his scran with all 10p’s this morning. This is how his butty was when he opened it.”

The tweet went viral, with many left reeling at the photo.


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