Women Gets Criticized For Her Bizarre Request At Donations For Her Wedding

A bride-to-be was excited about her engagement and used her car as a way to ask for donations toward the big day. However, many people were not impressed with her.

A photo that was recently shared on a Reddit “wedding shaming” page went viral. A bride-to-be wrote a message on the rear windshield of her car. While she was excited about the prospect of getting married, netizens had a few issues with her request.

Her message asked people to send her money via Venmo, a money transfer service. Users were quick to call the bride “trashy” for asking strangers to give her money. However, for many, this was not the main point of upset.


People were critical of her wording. The original poster of the photo told netizens to “note the use of words.” The bride’s possibly innocent plea to get some external funding for her “dream wedding” did not go as expected.

As pointed out by the passerby who snapped the photo, she seemed “entitled” and self-centered. The poster immediately recognized that she used words like “‘I’m’ and ‘my,’ not ‘we/our’.” Netizens could not believe this was a common practice.

Commenters react to a bride-to-be's car window request for money from strangers | Photo: Reddit/greenchiffon


One user asked: “Do people actually donate when they see this?” Another netizen expressed that it was bad taste to ask strangers, “who won’t even be [at the wedding],” to pay for the expenses.

In the comment section, there was a consensus about this bride’s specific request.

Someone else called the car owner a “weirdo.” They stated: “Okay, now this is a prime example of tacky window writing. They took the trend of ‘buy me a shot’ into ‘pay for my whole wedding.'”


Users weighed in on the topic, and many felt it was acceptable to ask strangers for a small amount toward a bachelorette or bachelors party. However, in the comment section, there was a consensus about this bride’s specific request.

People found it tacky. A user shared this sentiment and said: “I do it for bachelorette parties! I think it’s fun – I never give more than a few dollars, and I think it’s a nice way to pay it forward. But this one is tacky.”


Users also comically suggested that people who saw her message should send her money requests on Venmo instead of donations. A netizen said: “We should put in a Venmo request to her for money for our own dream weddings.”

People loved the idea. Netizens also called the bride’s request for money “shameful.” The user stated that those who had cash to “give away freely” could spend it better by donating to charity instead of a stranger’s wedding.


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