Women puts locks on fridge to stop fat cat stealing food

A woman has been forced to put locks on her fridge to stop her two-stone cat from stealing food.

A cat

The rescue cat named Keith was adopted by Sara Matthews for her daughter Charlie but she has been forced into drastic measures to stop the feline from snacking.

The moggy’s weight has ballooned from 11lbs to 24lbs, which is roughly the weight of a medium-sized dog, over the past seven years because of his frequent eating.

Matthew, from Bristol, said: “We’ve had child locks on the fridge ever since we got Keith.

“At first, he would clamber in when you opened it, and I was just so worried he’d get trapped without us noticing.

“As it’s gone on, we’ve had to put more and more locks on every cupboard with food in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a circular knob handle or a pulley, he will find a way in.

“One of the last cupboards I Keith-proofed had a heavy bag of litter in front of it. He managed to move this bag out of the way and got into his bags of food.”


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