Women snore more loudly than men

Women are worse snorers than men.

Women are worse snorers than men

More men complain that they are kept awake by their partners and estimate the female snores reach 80 decibels – similar to the noise made by vacuum cleaners.

Women gauged their male partners’ racket at just 70 decibels, the same as a flushing toilet.

Three out of 10 men say they are regularly kept awake by snoring from their loved one compared to two in 10 women, the poll for Cairn Hotel Group found.

The hotel group’s Vince Johnson said: “The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association found there are 10 million males and nearly five million females who snore in the UK.

“Interestingly, our study found men are less tolerant when it comes to snoring – and more likely to take a snore-cation to get a full 40 winks.”


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