Woolworths morning routine shared in TikTok video

A Woolworths worker has offered a sneak peek into what happens every morning before doors open to customers.

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes before you enter your local Woolies store, an employee has offered a sneak peek.

Sydney Woolies worker Liam Kirley, has shared a TikTok video revealing some of the processes employees undertake before doors open to customers.

Liam, who shot to fame last year for his viral food hacks and store announcements, has since hung up his Baulkham Hills store apron to step into a new role as content co-ordinator for Woolworths’ very own TikTok account.

And in one of his latest videos he shows the “early morning produce set-up”.

“We open up the fridges, check for any leaks and then we take off the potato tarps,” he begins.

“After that, we go to the produce cool room, say hi to all the fresh new produce. ‘Morning guys, how you been?’” he jokes, before revealing the next step is to make a list of what stock is low and needs to be filled.

“And then we get cracking,” he said, while replenishing the fruit and veg shelves.

“Doors open and then I do a compulsory dance.”

One Woolies worker joked that he was unaware of the “compulsory dance”.

“Never seen anyone doing it whenever I am doing 6am shift,” the worker wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

In another clip, which has clocked more than 206,000 views, Liam offers the retailer’s 90,000 TikTok followers a self-serve hack.

He shows how you can move items that have been scanned but not paid for off the checkout without setting off alarm bells.

“When customers are in the self-serve checkout and they have filled up a grocery bag, there’s an icon on the bottom left of the home screen that says ‘Own Bag’,” he told news.com.au.

“Just tap, remove the loaded grocery bag, add your new empty bag in the bagging area, and continue checking out.”

He also shows how to scan items more quickly at a self-serve checkout, explaining in the video: “Do something called a ‘power slide’ – slide them across and the barcodes will scan easier.”

There’s also a light above the scanner which lets you know when it’s ready to scan another item, with Liam explaining: “If it’s green, you can scan another item.”

Liam began working at Woolies at 19 while he was studying at film school and would make funny clips to share with his mates.

After they suggested to give TikTok a go, Liam’s account blew up, telling news.com.au he was surprised when his third clip managed to clock more than a million views.

“It was the one where I hopped on the store intercom to make the closing announcement. I sang out, ‘Thank you for shopping at Woolworths The Fresh Food People with the fresh ideas. Do do, do do do do do!’ which got about 1.6 million views,” he said.

“Viewers commented saying, ‘I need to start shopping at this store,’ and, ‘Awesome closing attitude, especially at that time of night. Love it!’ with lots of laughs.”

Liam now has more than 162,000 followers on TikTok, with his most popular videos a Woolies Belgian lava cake hack and his now-signature quirky store announcements.

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